About Anne



My Story

My name is Anne Paton, and I have been a Mobile Remedial Massage Therapist since 1994, so 28 years at the moment of writing. I was born in a little town in Lancashire, in the North of UK, called Oldham, which is where my two daughters were also born. These days we all live further south, in Milton Keynes, not far from London.

Growing up, and from a very early age, I always somehow already knew that natural therapies like massage would be good for people, but it took me until my girls were born, and as a result of visiting an Osteopath after a car accident caused me to have whiplash, to actually train to become a Massage therapist. I found that the pre-treatment massage he gave me was every bit as useful as all the bone-crunching afterwards.

My discoveries

I have treated many people over those years with chronic and acute conditions, including general aches and pains, sports injuries and stress related problems, and gradually collected a range of physical and mental aids along the way which helped them, on top of the massage therapy that I was giving them.

These aids included diet and nutrition, exercise, relaxation and meditation, self-improvement techniques and other support methods that helped and made a massive difference to people’s lives. I know they all work, because I tried them all first before recommending them to my clients.


How I can help you

My aim now, through this website, is to give you all the tools to become your very best self, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I am so excited to be able to share what I have learned with you, and what I will search out, review and present to you, and I hope you will benefit as much as I have from all that is available to you.